So far this summer, there are three things that I am particularly proud of.

Number one:George and the Carrot

I have a vegetable garden!

Thanks to my niece, who actually spent like an hour talking me into it, and Curious George of course, who spent an entire summer growing carrots in one episode,  I now have sweet peas, green beans, potatoes, chives, and hot peppers in my back yard!

Granted, there’s a huge empty spot full of weeds that was supposed to be sprouting carrots by now, but I figure, you win some and you lose some.

Number two:

Thanks to my husband and his buddy, I now have a clothes line. Yep, totally old school, but I’m damn proud of it!

I haven’t used the clothes drier in almost three months now!

Granted, we’ve only saved like $20 dollars on our electric bill, but twenty bucks is twenty bucks man!

Number three:

I’ve lost close to 15 pounds, thanks to Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred video.

Granted, I still HATE her, and her six pack, but she’s no liar! That circuit training crap really works!

So now, not only am I eating healthy vegetables grown in my own garden, I’m exercising right, and I’m helping the economy, not to mention my husband’s wallet. What’s not to be proud of?


Back to the vegetable garden…..

After my niece talked me into it, I kid you not, I was on a mission.

That very day Z and I started digging a hole in the back yard. After I got about half way through, I decided I better call my husband and make sure he was cool with it.

Of course, what could he say, I already had the garden half dug up……..he he he.

Anyways, once he got home and saw the mess I had made, he decided we needed an actual plan for this garden. Leave it to my husband, if we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it right!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband is a tad bit Anal when it comes to certain things. I am however, extremely thankful for this.

Not only would I have had this enormous ugly hole in the back yard, but it probably wouldn’t have grown anything, and what would’ve grown, would have either been, consumed by the local wild life, aka the deer, or trampled by ferocious hounds, aka my dogs.

So the next day, not only did he go out into the woods and cut down some pecker poles, but he also de-barked them, and went to Murdochs and bought fencing.

By the end of the day, I had a beautiful fence around my once ugly hole. Then, on top of that, he also bought me compost and potting soil, oh, and of course the seeds!

My Vegtable GardenYep, that husband of mine is pretty special….

The best part of the whole experience was watching Z, as she developed a rather unusual love for worms…..

Seriously, every worm was her friend. She’d pick them up, cradle them in her arms, let them wiggle on her arm, scream and giggle in delight as they tickled her, and then proceed to cart them around the yard.

She even sent a few of them down the slide, pushed them on the swing, and took them for a dip in the pool.

Of course, when they stopped wiggling, she’d get upset. I’d just tell her, “It’s okay baby, they’re tired, you pooped them out. Why don’t you put them back in the dirt and let them rest for a while.”

This worked of course, but then she’d find a new captive and proceed to “tire” them out as well……… Poor worms…….

At least it wasn’t the cat this time, then again, it was pretty funny when she tried to send the cat down the slide, oh, and that one time when she threw her in the pool………Poor cats……..

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