So I realize that I’ve already posted today, but I couldn’t help myself. I actually have something to say, or should I say, someone to tease…….

At this very moment, my husband and his two buddies, are currently putting their heads together trying to design the World’s Greatest Apple Gun Launcher. You’ve heard of a potatoe gun right? Well they decided that since we have like 3 apple trees on our property, an apple gun would be….how should I put it….much more economically friendly.

I shit you not, I can actually hear them out there. Last time I checked they had this empty propane bottle welded to a pipe and they were filling it with brake cleaner! That right there, is a recipe for disaster! Not to mention that when they actually lit the thing, it burst into flames.

Now, silly me, I would’ve quit right there. I would’ve realized that my idea sounded better in my head, and then I would’ve moved on. Not the three AMIGO’s! Nope, they are on a mission!

By the end of the night, we’ll either have a killer apple gun-launcher-thingy-majiger, or my house will burn down, one of the two.

Of course, I did have to remind them that it’s like July, and we won’t have apples until Fall, but that didn’t slow them down. In fact, my husband’s buddy even said, “ya, well that gives us plenty of time to perfect our design.”

There’s nothing more to say……….except that if you don’t hear from me in the next week or two, you can assume that my house burned down…….or I was taken out with an apple-gun-launcher-thingy-majiger.

Wish me luck!


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