You remember that movie “UP”? The Pixar animated movie with the old guy and the fat kid? They fly away in the old guy’s house, with the balloons? Do you remember Doug? He’s the talking dog that they meet when they finally land.

Here’s a clip for those of you that can’t remember……


Okay, so now that we’re all on the same page, I can continue.

My daughter had a Doug day yesterday. It was exhausting, and entertaining all at the same time.

Let me set the scene….

I’m sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for Z to come hither.

Me: “Hey Z, you want to go outside?”

Z: “YES!”

Me: “Okay, go get your shoes.”

Z: “OKAY!”

Off she goes, skipping towards the back door to fetch her shoes…….

(One minute later)

Z: “Looook Momma!”

She rounds the corner of the couch with the dog toy…..

Z: “Kassy’s toy!”

Me: “That’s nice Z, but I thought you wanted to go outside.”

Z: “OH YA!”

Me: “Go get your shoes then.”

Off she goes, skipping towards the back door, once again……..

(Two, maybe three minutes later)

Z: “Momma! Where are yooooou?”

Me: “I’m on the couch Z, waiting for you to get your shoes.”


Off she goes again…….

Three minutes later she comes back with a bowl of fish crackers…….

Z: “Mmmmm yummy.”

Me: “I thought you wanted to go outside Z?”

Z: “OH! Outside! Ready to go outside, pleassee!”

Me: “You HAVE to get your shoes first, remember?”

Z: “OH YES!”

Off she goes again.  This time I watch her, and I can actually see the train derail. This has GOT to be what she’s thinking……..

“Shoes, shoes, shoes, gotta get my shoes to go outside, shoes, shoes, shoes, I really love outside, outside is the BEST, gotta get my shoes to GO outside………. TOY! OMG it’s a TOY! I haven’t seen that TOY in like FOREVER!! What does it do again, oh that’s right, it BOUNCES! YAAAA the TOY bounces!!! I have to show Momma my TOY!!!”

Z: “Momma, loook!”

Me: “Wow Z, is that your ball?”

Z: “YES! Watch Momma!”

Me: “That’s cool Z, it bounces!”


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4 Responses to The Dog Named Doug and The SQUIRREL!

  1. Beatty says:

    HA! I LOVE IT!!! Thank You again for being SO Much FUN!!! You always make me smile! I Love reading your blog!!!

  2. Mama Deb says:

    Love your posts! As a mom with 4 little ones, I can appreciate all the ‘squirrels’ that cross their paths during the day!

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