I realized something today……..Maybe, just maybe, I’m NOT ready for another baby….

For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently revisiting diaper land. A few weeks ago some close friends approached me and asked if I would watch their sweet little baby boy at least three days a week…..I know, crazy right……..somebody actually trusts me with their kid!

Anyways, I said yes, and now here we are, three weeks later…….I’m still alive……they are too……so that’s good! But I can’t help but wonder……HOW THE HELL DO OTHER MOMS DO THIS?

I can manage 8 to 5, but I can’t even imagine another one, let alone having both of them ALL NIGHT LONG!

How did my Mom do it? My sister and I are only a year and half apart.

How does my niece manage a day care with 5 little kids? SERIOUSLY! 5 KIDS!

How does my friend raise 3 little boys, all less than 2 years apart? That’s like double time, maybe even triple time in diaper land!

The answer is…..I DON’T KNOW!

This little boy, let’s call him Smiley, is only about 6 months old, and actually, he’s the easy one. He’s a breeze compared to my two year old. He can’t walk, so obviously no running and jumping, he can’t crawl, and since I’ve had him he’s only rolled over once. He doesn’t want to be held constantly, just zerbered every now and again. He eats, he sleeps, he poops, he even smiles when he wakes up. He’s happy, ALL THE TIME! Seriously, I don’t even mind revisiting diaper land.

Now my two year old on the other hand, won’t stand still. She runs, she jumps, she slams into things, she knocks things over, she torpedo’s the dogs, she throws things, she climbs on top of stuff, even if it’s not completely stable, she’s even been known to fly on occasion. She rarely eats, almost never sleeps, throws tantrums constantly, and when she smiles, it usually means that she’s just done something terrible, something that’s really going to tick me off!

In the beginning, like the first week, Z was pretty awesome! She played the BIG GIRL role perfectly. I even noticed an improvement with her potty training.  I actually thought I was on to something, and that maybe the saying, “two are easier than one”, was really true. But then, Z discovered something…….

When Mom has her hands full with Smiley, Z can get away with MURDER!

Go ahead Z, help yourself to another cookie, you know I can’t stop you because my hands are covered in poop!

Are you seriously coloring on the walls right now? Of course you are, because you know that in order for me to stop you I must first put down the almost asleep Smiley…..yep, not gonna happen.

Tasmanian Devil and Diaper LandYou want to go outside? Wait until Mom get’s done feeding Smiley, then I can help you put on your shoes…… Z, DO NOT go outside without your shoes…… Fine! Go AHEAD! Just know, that when I get done burping Smiley, you are in soooo much TROUBLE!

Seriously! How do you manage a stubborn, wild and crazy two year old when you have your hands full with a BABY?

I don’t know, maybe when she’s past the terrible two’s, or three’s, or whatever, I may have to re-evaluate things. But for now, I think I’ll stick to taming the Tasmanian Devil, and baby number two will have to wait just a little bit longer……

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  1. christina says:

    I don’t understand how people do it, either. Toddlers and babies have completely different needs and send us in different directions.

    My kids are 3 years apart, and that was traumatic enough. A lot of extra childproofing helped. Getting past the first year helped more!

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