I’d love to tell you that I’ve been incredibly busy. That life has been CRAZY, and finding time to sit down and write has just been impossible.

But, the truth is, I’ve been distracted and a tad bit LAZY!

I could go into detail, tell you everything that’s happened, but that just wouldn’t be any fun. So instead, let’s talk about something a bit more interesting. Like say for instance, my little Z.

She’s three now, as of July 29th. I still can’t believe it.

My sweet little Z.

My 5 pound little bundle of joy, so little and so precious, all grown up now.

Aaaahhh, I still remember the day we brought her home, it was absolute bliss…….

Well, maybe not bliss. She was yellow, and only 5 pounds. She also cried a lot! Come to think of it, the whole thing was kind of a nightmare.

I’m not entirely sure why people insist on calling babies “bundles of joy”, why not “bundles of terror”, or “bundles of anxiety”. That’s exactly what Z was, my teeny, tiny “bundle of terror and anxiety”.

It’s true, I didn’t know what the HELL I was doing, in fact I still don’t.

Regardless, here we are, three years later, still winging it.

It’s funny, I was dreading the terrible two’s, and I couldn’t WAIT for them to be over, but that’s only because nobody told me how terrible the three’s can be.

At least when she was two she was still kind of scared of me, now she could care less. She knows all my tricks, and I can’t get away with ANYTHING! She’s smarter now, more independent, and certainly more stubborn.

Let’s just say, I’ve been watching an awful lot of ‘Nanny 911’. It makes me feel better about myself as a Mom, and I’m always looking for some pointers.

I figure, if you’re not telling yourself that you’re a TERRIBLE MOM, at least once a day, than you’re not doing it right. Yep, that’s what helps me sleep at night.

Anyways, back to Z. Did I mention she was three?

I swear, some days, it’s like she’s thirteen. It’s like we somehow skipped a decade while I was sleeping. The other day, she actually told me that she wanted a new Mommy! Can you believe that? I thought I had at least another 10 years before she started hating me.

She can be soooo sweet, and then in the next moment, venomous! Like a snake just waiting to strike its prey.

One second, she tells me she’s helping me pick up, cause that’s what big girls do. Then the next second, when I ask her to pick up her tools, she says “That’s ENOUGH Momma! Your attitude SUCKS today!”

Seriously! I know, I know, I only have myself to blame, and trust me, it could’ve been a HELL of a lot worse. Kind of like the other day when we went to the Grocery Store.

There we were, strolling through the canned vegetable isle, when Z suddenly comes to an abrupt stop. She says, “SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT! I forgot my list!”

Now, it would’ve been really cute, except for the fact that her “shoot” sounded an awful lot like “shit”.

The lady ahead of us actually pulled an exorcism. I swear, her head swiveled on her shoulders leaving the rest of her body behind. I can’t say that I blame her for her open-mouthed stare, I probably would’ve done the same in her shoes.

I quickly corrected Z by saying, “you mean shoot baby. The word is shoot.”

So, aside from watching my little Z grow up, and learning to live with her ever-expanding vocabulary, life in general has been pretty uneventful.

Well, except for one thing………We’re having another BABY!!

That’s right!

I suppose I should’ve opened with that, but I kind of felt like I needed to work up to it.

1104132129Of course, we’re all extremely excited, except for maybe my husband. He’s still coming to terms with it.

Z is especially excited. She reminds me on a daily basis that I need to be careful because there’s a baby in my tummy. She also likes to examine my belly button in hopes of spotting the little surprise tucked inside, and no, I don’t mean lint. She seems to think that my belly button will be the exit point. I haven’t felt like correcting her yet.

The other day I had my first ultrasound. Z and Grandma accompanied me. Z was so funny, as I’m lying there listening to the heart beat and watching the little profile on the screen, Z walks up to me with this concerned look on her face.

She says, “Push it out Momma!”

I could’ve died laughing. Then, when we left the office, as we’re walking down the hall, Z get’s this very confused look on her face. She starts looking around, then she says, “Oh no, where’s the Baby Momma”.

I giggled and told her, “It’s still in my belly honey, it’s not ready yet.” This seemed to satisfy her.

I’m not going to lie, the last few months have been rough. I got hit with all the first trimester BULL SHIT! The nausea, the lifelessness, the soreness, especially in the boob area, the constipation, and did I mention the lack of energy? Anyways, I’m finally starting to feel better.

So, that’s pretty much it. I’ll try to be better about writing, but I won’t make any promises, not that you’d believe them anyways.

If you’re actually still reading my blog, what little there is of it, thank you! I really appreciate it!

Talk to ya soon,


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