This is just a sneak peak of what snack time was like at my house today:

Me: “Hey Z, you want a snack?”

Z: “Oh ya! Chips Momma…pleeaasseee…”

Me: “No, let’s have an apple.”

Z: “No, chips Momma!”

Me: “No, you can have an apple or a banana.”


Me: “Okay, no snack for Z then.”

Z: “Apple Momma, apple, pleaaassee….”

FINALLY! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Z: “Hold, hold, hold it Momma.”

Me: “Let me cut it up first, it’s too big!”

Z: “NOOOO CUT MOMMA,  I do it!”

Me: “No Z, you can’t do it”

Of course, if I had bought organic apples like all the good Momma’s do, then they wouldn’t be the size of freaking Texas, and I’d have no problem giving her the entire apple! But noooo, not me. We like ours pumped full of steroids with a side of apple.

Z: “NOOOO Momma!! I do it, I do it, I do it!”

I cut it anyways of course, and hand it to her. That’s when she loses her mind and throws the apple on the floor.

This ain’t my first rodeo. So I pick it up, wash it off, and set it on the counter.

Me: “Okay, no apple for Z then!”


Snack Time and the Cookie MonsterYou know how Cookie Monster sounds when he starts chanting, “Cookies, cookies”? It’s kind of like a demonic growl. That’s exactly what my daughter sounds like at this point.


Me: “Stop yelling! Are you going to be a good girl?”

SNAP! The halo magically reappears….

Z: (sniff, sniff)….”Yes Momma.”

So, as I hand it back to her I’m feeling pretty confident that I just won that battle. I’m proud of myself too.

She then takes a GIANT bite and spits it on the floor….

Z: “Not good Momma….chips…. pleasssee!”

And that’s just the beginning!


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3 Responses to Snack Time And The Cookie Monster

  1. Jen H. says:


  2. Brandyn says:

    LOL. Then what happened?…

    • Momma says:

      Another round of “apple or banana”! I think we ended up settling on applesauce, which still felt like a victory, all things considered. 🙂

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