My sweet little Z, I love her soooo much!picky-eater

I really do, but she is such a pain in my ASS!!

She’s a picky-eater! An incredibly picky-eater!

I used to enjoy cooking, but now, it’s sooo frustrating!!

She won’t eat anything, unless of course it’s smothered in peanut butter, soaked in ranch, or covered in ketchup. Oh, and if she has to chew it more than once, NO WAY!

If she can’t identify each and every ingredient, NO WAY!

If, for whatever reason, it resembles poop in any way, shape, form, or color, HELL NO!

In other words, no casseroles, no meat, no soups, and no salads! No chili, no hot dogs, and no pasta’s!

I’m a good cook too, just ask my husband and his friends. I take pride in the food I serve. I haven’t always been that way. There was a time when all I could cook was Hamburger Helper. To this day, if my husband even see’s a box of that stuff, he starts gagging. The poor guy can’t even eat hamburger anymore.

I’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of it, but lately, I HATE COOKING!!

I keep telling myself that someday, she’ll appreciate all my hard work in the kitchen. My chicken pot pie’s from scratch, my slow cooker chicken and dumplings, my homemade pizza’s, and my amazing Mexican casseroles.

From what I understand, I was a bit of a picky-eater myself, and I guess, so was my husband. I apparently had issues with meat. Chewing grossed me out. My husband on the other hand survived on Spam and hot dogs for the first 5 years of his life. So, maybe this is payback.

I have hope though. I love my Mom’s cooking now, and my husband can’t stand the sight of Spam, so that’s good news.

It’s funny, Z won’t eat my cooking, but she’ll eat other things, things that are NOT meant to be eaten.

For instance, the other night, after bedtime, she called me into her room. She was upset. She told me that her book was broken, and that I needed to fix it. Upon further examination of the book, I noticed a large bite-sized chunk missing from the back cover.

Me: “Z, did you take a bit out of your book?”

Z: “Yes. Momma fix it, it’s broken.”

Me: “Honey, I can’t fix it, you ate it!”

She starts crying……

Me: “Okay, where’s the missing piece of paper?”

She smiles, pats her belly and says, “It’s in my tummy.”

Me: “Exactly, I can’t fix it without the missing piece! Seriously kid, you have to STOP eating paper, and you have to STOP chewing on your books! It’s bad for you!”

Z: “No it’s not, it’s yummy.”

Me: “No Z, the creamy chicken casserole I cooked for dinner tonight was yummy, your books are gross!”

Z: “Fix in Momma, FIX IT!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll see what I can do, now go to sleep, and no more snacks! Do you understand?”

Z: “Okay Mommy.”

I’m too cheap to buy hard covered books, but now, I think I might have to.

 Books with Bites missing

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