So, I forgot to mention our new arrival in my last post. Her name is IZZY…….

No, I haven’t had the Baby yet, she’s a dog.

In August we lost our first born, Kassy, our Border Collie Lab cross. We got her just after we got married, 10 years ago. To say that losing her was hard, would be a royal understatement.My Husband and Kassy

Now, Kassy may have been our dog, but she was really my husband’s best friend. Of course, we later added to the mix and got Mya, another Border Collie Lab cross. Now Mya is my dog, 100% my dog.

So, after we lost Kassy, my husband had a whole that needed to be filled.

We weren’t going to rush it, honestly, that was the plan. But then, I found out I was pregnant, and everything changed. I told my husband that if he wanted another dog he needed to do it soon because there was no way I was going to have an untrained puppy in the house with a new baby! HELL NO!

So, here we are.

Now Izzy is actually pretty amazing. If only kids were that easy to train, and trust me, I’ve tried all the same tricks, aside from rubbing Z’s nose in her own mess of course, although, the thought has crossed my mind…..

Anyways, back to Izzy. She’s smart! Super smart! Within 3 days she was potty trained. She barks when she wants to go out, and barks when she wants to come in. She sits, she lays down, she even crawls.

No, she’s not perfect. Like any other puppy, she likes to chew on things. Dirty underwear, shoes, Z’s pony, the coffee table, etc. For the most part, it’s been an easy fix. Pick up the underwear, pick up the toys, make sure she has plenty of chew toys, etc.

However, some days I forget, she is just a puppy.

The other day, after Z and I returned from the grocery store, this is what we found……..

GarbageOf course, I immediately sent my husband this picture, with a little message.


Now you have to understand, Izzy is perfect in my husband’s eyes. She can do no wrong! Poor Mya will always be number two to him, and that just pisses me off! Mya is a good dog, a damn good dog, maybe not as smart, and maybe a little bit odd, but she’s loyal, at least to me.

I’m not a resentful person, really I’m not, but I can’t help but play the little sister role in all this, that is to say, a tattle tale.

Every time Izzy does something naughty, I document it. Like for instance this……..

Hole in the back yardLOOK WHAT YOUR DOG DID TODAY!!!!

Yep, it’s an enormous hole in the back yard, right next to the fence. One could say that she was trying to escape, but I personally think it has something to do with the fact that our neighbor likes feeding her puppy treats.

There’s also a little bit of a battle for dominance going on right now. Not between my husband and I of course, I stepped down a long time ago, but between Mya and Izzy.

My husband seems to think that there is no question, Izzy will be the dominant dog. I however, have other plans. My money may be on Izzy, but all of my hopes and prayers go to Mya!

The other day, I caught Mya humping Izzy! I was so damn proud, I almost cried!

“You go girl! That’s right, show her who’s boss!”

Yes I know, disturbing, but that’s just how the dog world works.

Regardless of who wins this battle for dominance, I have to say, I’m pretty happy with our new family member. She’s the perfect playmate for Mya, and she absolutely loves Z.

I love it when she crawls into bed with Z and cuddles during story time, or when she plays tug-a-war with her, or when they play “chase me cause I stole your toy”.

Those moments make it easy to forget the garbage strewn all over the floor, the hole in the backyard by the fence, the gnawed on recliner, the two pairs of underwear I’ve already had to throw away, and even the thirty dollar bra I had to sew back together. It’s totally worth it!

Did I mention that she’s really freaking cute too!Izzy and Mya

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