Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred Workout DVD @ AmazonDear Jillian,

So I understand that you’re pretty awesome! You’ve been named TV’s toughest trainer, and that’s really something. I get that you’re committed to getting big results, I am too, to a certain extent. I also understand that you’ve inspired millions to get in shape. You are the QUEEN of fitness! A motivator and a role model!

I get it, I really do, and I appreciate you, but I have to vent, so don’t take any of this personal. In fact, you should see it for what it is, a testament to you, and all that you do….

I HATE your FACE! And your SIX PACK! You make me physically sick! Seriously, during yesterday’s workout, I thought I was going to puke!

Because of YOU and your stupid squats I have to hold on to the counter just to lower my fat ASS on to the toilet! Because of YOU, my 2 year old has to help me get back up! It’s because of YOU, that when I dropped my toast on the floor this morning I said F’ it, and called the dogs in to clean it up! Because of YOU, I had to roll myself out of bed this morning! Because of YOU, I now have this uncontrollable twitch in my left arm!

You’re supposed to make me healthier, more energized, not lazy and pathetic! Because of YOU, I was too lazy to make my family a decent dinner last night!

Dinner - Thanks Jillian Michaels

Tater tots smothered in cheese, chicken nuggets shaped like Mickey’s head, and green beans as a last ditch effort to ease my guilt.

Seriously! You SCARE ME! And that was just Level 1! I’m guessing Level 3 is CERTAIN DEATH! I’m not looking forward to our next meeting, but I know it must be done. And if you’re as good as you say you are, in 30 day’s I will LOVE YOU!

P.S. “I hate your face” may have been a little harsh. And Jillian, if you’re reading this, please don’t hurt me….

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6 Responses to Letter to Jillian Michaels

  1. Jen H. says:


  2. Sister Shellee says:

    Sounds like what Jen got me doing last week. She invites me to arobics, which I was a little scared of since the last time I did arobics I was taking her to toddler tumbling class! So, I wasn’t the oldest, there was one other who is incredibly fit already. The rest were in their mid 20’s to very early 30’s. Half way through I thought, I’m gonna die!!! After, Jen says wow mom I am so proud of you, you make it through her toughest workout! Well I am going back tonight knowing it will be easier than last week, yah!!!!!

    • Momma says:

      Good for you Shellee!! Keep it up. From what I understand, it’s supposed to get easier. Pretty soon, you’ll be making all those 20, and 30 year old’s look bad!

  3. Cheryl Stillwell says:

    Yep laughed all the way through!! The anger that you feel when this cute and in shape persons, says, “How we doing?” You want to say, “Shut the H up, I can’t speak and do this exercise at the same time!!!!

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