Two things…..

First, I’ve discovered my feminine side, or maybe I just found it, I’m not sure. It was definitely MIA, or maybe it was just lying dormant, or hibernating for a verrrry long time. The thing is, all this time I didn’t even realize I’d lost it.

Just to give you an idea, the other day I caught my daughter painting her fingernails with a washable marker. She did a fantastic job, aside from the fact that as soon as she rubbed them against something, the beautiful blue disappeared.

My first thought was, where in the HELL did she get that from! Then I realized that she’s almost three, and the other day I also caught her coloring her teeth.

Anyways, so that got me thinking…..Maybe I should paint her fingernails, with like real nail polish! I bet she’d love that!

So I went on a mission, and you know what? I searched my entire house! Yep, the whole damn thing, and I didn’t find one stupid bottle of fingernail polish!

What kind of a women doesn’t own fingernail polish!!! Seriously, what’s wrong with me.

So that got me thinking……when was the last time I actually painted my nails?

Hmmmmm, oh good Lord, has it really been 10 years! My wedding! That’s the last time I painted my nails, and I didn’t even paint them, my niece did!

So I called Grandma, and of course she had fingernail polish. She brought it over the next day and we had a fingernail painting party. Z loved it! She was so excited we had to buy new sandals the next day to show off her green toes.

I have to admit, it was kind of fun having my nails painted again. Every so often I’d catch a glimpse of my hands, then I’d admire them and think, WOW, so girly, I LOVE IT!

That was just the beginning……

Last week, I went shopping… myself……all by myself…….

I had 36 dollars to spend, cause that’s what was left on my ROSS gift card. I was on a mission once again….SUN DRESSES!!

I did good. I walked out of there with 5 DRESSES!!

So now, not only do I have painted fingernails, but I’m also wearing dresses! Crazy stuff! It feels good too, so good, that I decided I needed a tan to go with my new sun dresses and my beautiful fingernails. So yesterday I laid out in the sun during Z’s nap time, thinking, oh ya, I’m gonna look HOT!

But instead I ended up with some really funky tan lines, red butt cheeks, and a tender back. Oh well, at least my dresses cover it.


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