You know it’s funny, I’ve always teased my husband for being too anal, or as he likes to call it, a perfectionist. But the thing is, I’m pretty anal myself. In fact, that’s one of my issues when it comes to writing.

When I first sat down and decided to write a blog, the plan was simple.

Just write.

Write about life, about Z, about the everyday, about the stupid shit that goes through my head, you know, stuff.

While it all started out good, somewhere along the way I became a perfectionist. I can’t even tell you how many unpublished posts I’ve written. You know that saying, “it sounded better in my head”, well that’s exactly what my problem is. I sit down, I write, I finish, and then I re-read it . That’s when I lose my nerve. Because when I go back and I read my thoughts, it sounds stupid, or boring, or just plain weird. And then I think, why the HELL would anybody want to read this crap?

That was my first mistake. Writing was supposed to be for me. It was supposed to be my outlet. A way of venting, or just sharing my life with friends, family, and fellow bloggers. So ya, I might say something stupid, or talk about something that only I think is interesting, or laugh about something that really shouldn’t be funny, but that’s the point. I should feel free to do so. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because I’m NOT perfect, and I’m certainly NO poser.

So for now on, that’s what you’re gonna get. I’m going to be an imperfectionist!  Ya I know, that’s not actually a word, but the HELL with Webster and spell check! I’m breaking out of my damn box, and I’m going say stuff like, whatsup,  and cuz, and…….well that’s pretty much all I’ve got right now.

The point is, get ready, cuz I might just blow your mind……whatsup with that huh… scared?

See now, the old me, would’ve deleted that entire rant, because it’s kind of lame and weird, but the new me says, why the HELL not!


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  1. Sara Tipton says:

    This is too cute! 🙂

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