This is what a “Girl’s Night” used to be like, before Z……..

First, there’s the preparation. Taring apart your entire closet looking for the perfect outfit, and then going shopping when you realize everything you have SUCKS!

Then there’s the hours spent in front of the mirror, styling your hair and applying mass amounts of makeup that will most likely turn you into a rabid raccoon by the end of the night.

When you finally get OUT, there’s dinner and drinks, dancing, maybe a little craziness depending on how many drinks you’ve had, then more dancing, more drinks, and more craziness.

By the end of the night you’re pretty well LIT. You thank God that at least one of your friends was mature enough to stay sober and drive you home.

The next day you feel like SHIT. You nurse your hangover with coffee and Advil. You tell yourself that next time, you won’t have that last drink, because you’re pretty sure it was that last drink that GOTCHA, not the 5 or 6 drinks that came before it.

This is what a “Girl’s Night” is NOW…….

First, there’s the preparation. You pick out the most comfortable outfit you can find. Pajama pants, a sweatshirt, and some nice fuzzy slippers.

You call the closest Chinese restaurant and order enough takeout to feed an army.

Pitch PerfectYou send your husband down to the Red Box with very specific instructions ……….Pitch Perfect, and Breaking Dawn PART 2……..NOT Part 1!

Oh, and don’t forget the beer….and the munchies…..

I can honestly say, Girl’s Night, is like the ultimate holiday for me. Not ONLY do I get to spend it with my two closest girlfriends, my Mom and my Sister, but I also have NO responsibilities.

No kid screaming “Momma “, NO husband whining about the movie, and pointing out how ridiculously predictable it is……… Ya, ya, girl meets boy, girl hates boy, then girl loves boy, then girl thinks boy hates girl, then girl gets boy, then girl finds out boy is a vampire, then girl and vampire boy live happily ever after! Seriously, what’s not to like?

Girls Night, is NOT something that happens very often. In fact, we’re lucky to get together once every few months, if that. So when we do FINALLY get to have a Girl’s night, NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING will stand in my way……..

Not the miserable head cold that I woke up with yesterday morning, not the cashier girl at the Chinese restaurant that obviously couldn’t run a credit card machine to save her life, and certainly not the JERK in the Hummer that ALMOST ran me over when I had to run BACK out to my car to find my check book.

Seriously, NOTHING……

So, aside from the fact that I could BARELY breathe through my nose, and the fact that I doused myself with beer the minute I sat down to enjoy my Chicken Lo’ Mein, or the fact the my sister literally chased me around her house ALL night long with a can of Lysol, it went pretty well.

Seriously, she was like a Ninja…….. with Lysol!

Everything I touched….LYSOL!

When I sneezed, it was like MATRIX style kung fu! NO JOKE!

She LYSOLED my phlegm in MID-AIR!  BEFORE it even touched the GROUND!

That girlz got skillz…….and she’s scary…..

“PUT DOWN THE CHEETOS! Mom, could you PLEASE get her a bowl, BEFORE she infects the entire bag!”

No but seriously, I had a BLAST! I can’t WAIT for the next “Girls Night”!

And to be perfectly honest, I’d take chick flicks with my two best buds, and a bag of infected Cheetos, over rabid raccoon eyes and a nasty hangover ANY DAY!

Oh, and just so you know, Pitch Perfect was AWESOME!

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