This is the conversation Z and I had on the way to the Grocery Store today:

Z: “Ride caaamel Momma”

Me: “What? You want to ride a cow?”

Z: “No, ride caamel Momma”

Me: “A camel? Seriously? You want to ride a camel?”

Z: “Yes!”

Me: “Why do you want to ride a camel?”

(In other words, where the hell did that come from?)

Z: “Make Roowe.”

Me: “Make what?”


(Now she’s getting frustrated, I can tell.)

Me: “Okay, I understand that you want to ride a camel baby, but where did you get that from?”

Z: “Dewty Jobs!”

(FINALLY, it clicks!)

Me: “Oh! Did you see Mike Rowe ride a camel on Dirty Jobs?”

Z: “YES!”

Me: “Okay baby, I got it. Maybe someday you can ride a camel too.”

Z: “Yep, Z ride caamel, like Make Roow!”

Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs

We LOVE this show!

Dirty Jobs just happens to be one of our ALL TIME favorite shows. We used to watch it quite a bit, but we haven’t for months! It just amazes me what her little brain is capable of remembering.

They say that kids this age are like little tape recorders, which is totally true, but I guess I just didn’t expect it to stick so well.

On the way home, we had yet another tantalizing conversation.

We always drive right by the park on our way to, and from, the Grocery Store. Every time we pass I hold my breath, hoping and praying that she won’t ask to go feed the ducks. Why? Because I’m usually in hurry, or I have a car full of groceries, and feeding the ducks at the Park is at least a two, maybe even three hour event. Regardless, it’s just not part of the game plan.

My only hope is to derail her. Make her forget about feeding the ducks. It used to be easy, but not so much anymore. I’m running out of excuses.

This is how it went today:

Z: “Feed the ducks Momma, feed the ducks!”

Me: “No Z we can’t feed the ducks today, we have to get the groceries home and let the dogs out.”


Me: “No Z we can’t……………because they’re sleeping.” (I know, totally LAME!)

Z: “Ooooh, ssshhhh, duckies sleeping…………………….WAKE UP DUCKIES, WAKE UP!”

Me: “No Z, we can’t wake them up, cause………..they’ll get cranky.”

Z: “Oh!”

……Silence…….almost past the park……almost….

Z: “Ducky scawe me.”

Me: “The ducks scare you?”

Z: “Yes.”

(Great, now I’ve turned one of my daughters favorite activities into a nightmare! Nice job Mom!)

Me: “You’re not afraid of the ducks baby, remember, they won’t bite you.”

Z: “Momma scawed.”

Me: “No Momma’s not afraid of the ducks baby, just the Geese.”

Z: “Geese bite Momma……bite Z too.”

Me: “Na, they only bite Momma, not Z, besides, Momma will protect you.”

Z: “No…..Momma run”

(ONE TIME! Seriously, she just happens to remember the one time that I FREAKED and ran! Great! Now my kid thinks I’m a wuss! Well, there’s no denying it now….)

Me: “Good point baby….. Okay, so if you see Momma running, you run too okay?”

Z: “Momma run, Z run too.”

(Perfect, now I’ve turned my kid into a wuss, and I’ve ruined the one activity that she absolutely adores! If I can get her home without a fit, it might just be worth it.)

…….Silence…….almost home…….holly crap, did that actually work? I can see the house, so close……..


DAMN! ¬†Almost made it…..

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